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Technion – IIT, Technion City

Haifa 32000, Israel

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Research Interests

Statistical communications and information theory. Information theoretic analysis of multiuser systems, in particular, coding for source networks and for multiuser channels. Efficient utilization of side information in problems of source coding and channel coding. This family of models leads naturally to information theoretic formulation and analysis of data hiding systems, and information embedding. Topics in this area include, e.g.:

  • Feedback in multi terminal systems.
  • Forms of cooperation between users, e.g. via cribbing or cognitive radios.
  • Connections between notions of cooperation, feedback, and side information.
  • Joint source-channel coding, and notions of separation/optimality of separation in multi user environments.
  • Constrained side information and feedback.
  • More specific models: MIMO channels, and vector Gaussian sources. In particular, the MIMO broadcast channel. Compound MIMO channels. Linear feedback models and their performance.

In the course of working on these topics we naturally encounter problems in optimization, statistical inference, applied probability, and combinatorics.

Open Positions

I am looking for postdocs and well motivated graduate students with strong mathematical skills, who have acquaintance with the basic notions of information theory.

Prospective students: the course needed in order to start working in this area is Information Theory (048733) and of course its prerequisites. You should feel comfortable with probability and stochastic processes, optimization, basic coding theory, and to some extent also combinatorics. I intentionally say “feel comfortable with” and not “be expert in,” because understanding and enjoying the beauty of information theory does not require strong background in mathematics – it mainly requires mathematical maturity.